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Rangefinder Laser-Distance-Meter-Tape ARTBULL Infrared 100m 70m 50m

  • DDimension(L*W*H): 365*55*50 mm
  • English version
  • High precision
  • Accurate and convenient
  • Product description: SNDWAY New arrive laser distance meter TG series has following features: 1. Measurement unit options:m/ft/in 2. 30 units data storage 3. High accuracy as 2.0 mm and wide measurin
 Model name  TG50/TG70/TG100/TG120               G4S/G6S/G8S/G10S               
 Working Range  0.05-50/70/100/120m  0.05-40/60/80/100m   
 Bubble level  Two bubble levels   1 bubble
 LCD Screen display  2.0 inch  1.8 inch
 Distance Accuracy  ±2mm  ±(3mm + d*10^-4)
 Measurement unit options  m/in/ft  m/in/ft
 Continuous measurement   yes  yes
 Area/Volume measurement   yes  yes
 Pythagorean measurement  Full mode  Full mode
 Add and subtract measurement  yes  yes
 Min/Max/ value  yes  yes
 Max storage  30 units  99 units
 Automatic backlight  yes  yes
 Button/Keys sound  yes  yes
 Laser level  Class II  Class II
 Laser type  635nm,<1mW  630-670nm,<1mW
 Automatically cut off laser  20s  20s
 Automatic shutdown  150s  150s
 Storage temperature  -20℃ - 60℃  -20℃ - 60℃
 Working temperature  0℃ - 40℃  0℃ - 40℃
 Storage humidity    20% - 80%RH  20% - 80%RH
 Power supply  AAA 1.5V x 2pcs (not include)  AAA 1.5V x 2pcs (not include)
 Product Weight  90g  70g
 Dimension  112*50*25mm  104*48*25mm           
 Packing Contents                                                                                      1* Laser  meter
 1* User's maual
 1* Portable bag
 1* Hand strap
 1* Reflect plate
 1* Giftbox
 1* Laser meter
 1* User's maual
 1* Portable bag
 1* Giftbox